Thursday, 2 February 2017

Luxury Toilets Hire in Surrey

Planning a major event is an incredibly very stressful situation. Let's look at weddings function, for example; there are the details you immediately think of, such as the ceremony, catering and invites. On top of that, there are other factors such as venues and, may be the last thing people will consider, are the facilities. Yes, what do we indeed mean the toilets? It is when if you are having an outdoor ceremony or a massive number of guests at an event with not enough toilet facilities? Sure, you could move to a bigger venue, at big cost, or move indoors when you were looking to have an outdoor event in the summer. But why compromise your big day? Why not consider portable toilet hire? Indeed, there are so many events that take place outside, such as big garden parties, racing events, outdoor concerts and business events that could turn disastrous without luxury loo hire.

Of course, the phrase 'portable toilet' will make horrific images for many of us. Portable toilet hire is very rarely associated with 'luxury loos'. However, these preconceptions now finally be discarded, thanks to companies in provide toilet hire service in Surrey, which are striving to reinvent the image of the lowly portaloo hire.

There are so many companies in the Surrey whichare specialized in luxury portable toilet hire.  These companies provides luxury loos service designed specifically for special events rather than everyday occasions, and are much classier than your 'bog'-standard portaloo. But what is the difference in a luxury portable and a unit from the usual variety? Well, first of all, you can guarantee that these toilets will turn up to your event cleaned to a much higher standard. Your standard portable toilet hire units are basic plastic boxes, unlikely to be anything other than a seat and basic flush mechanism. So when they are emptied, they will be hosed down and disinfected, but it not thoroughly cleaned it out. On the other hand, as you may expect, the toilet hire surrey are totally beautified after each use.

Of course, a thorough clean is imperative. These units are totally different to your normal cubicle units; they come in large units than portaloos, separated into one side for women and other side for men, usually containing lots of urinals as well as a single toilet. Furthermore, they distinguish themselves as the most luxurious in the luxury loos industry by having the class of bathroom one would expect to find inside a venue. These toilets come with carpeting and fully working sinks with mirrors for making sure you are looking as good as you could.  Also include air fresheners, and even a sound system to pipe music into toilets.

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