Thursday, 5 January 2017

Areas Covered and Services Provided By D&P Luxury Toilets

Brief Introduction to Portable Toilets

Portable toilets are basically used in varied situations which include urban slums of developing countries, different festivals, campaign and much more. For the construction and building industry, D&P Luxury Toilets offer portable toilets hire and temporary fencing options. The services are not only limited to building and construction industry but are also available for large and small functions and events.

About D&P Luxury Toilets

The D&P Luxury Toilets team are well known for their professional service and friendly service to their customers. The selection of portable toilets ranges from flushing toilets, builder toilets through to luxury mobile bathroom based on the customers’ requirements and wish. The company provides competitive service mainly to Home Countries and London. 

D&P Luxury Toilets are specialised in providing VIP toilet and luxury mobile toilets for various events which includes parties, weddings, concerts, balls, sporting events, exhibitions and much more. They work very efficiently as the team member’s experts in planning the requirements for few specific events along with the backup plans during the events if required. 

Services Provided By the D&P Luxury Toilets

D&P Luxury toilets provide the facility of mobile toilet hire and provide a range of luxury mobile toilets. The luxury mobile toilets are mostly of environmentally friendly toilets made off with fresh water flush system along with designer units. The choices of toilets provided by the team members are given according to the preference of the customers. Some of the areas covered by the company include Berkshire, Essex, Kent, Surrey and much more. 

Disabled Friendly Unit

This unit not only provides toilet facility and vanity facility for guests but also provides a fully equipped easy access room. They also offer disabled portaloo which is basically plastic easy access cubicle toilets for disabled people. The toilets are accessed in such a way that it makes wheelchairs users’ feel very comfortable and thus can also enjoy the same level of standard facilities as the rest of the guests.

Luxury Portable Toilets for Outdoor Events

The prestige toilets hire facility at D&P Luxury Toilets to provide a range of luxury portable toilet facilities in order to meet each and every requirement of their guest or client. They aim to provide most luxurious accommodations and facilities in order to ensure that the customers get the full satisfaction from the service provided by the company. D&P Company offers a wide range of configurations and design according to the customer's desire and needs.

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