Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Get A Loo On The Go

As they say ‘when you got to go, you got to go’. When you in a hurry to use the loo, you just have to go. In fact, doctors say it is bad for health, holding back and not going to the loo. But the problem is where does one find a loo at outdoor locations? Mobile toilets solve these problems and offer a hygienic solution to toilet needs.
Toilet on the go
While sufficient numbers of toilets are available in cities and towns, the problem is in rural areas and outdoor locations. Many popular picnic spots or tourist locations lack proper toilet facilities, putting people at an inconvenience. Mobile toilets act as a practical solution, by offering clean and hygienic toilet facilities which can be installed anywhere. 
Toilets for events
Those organizing events at outdoor locations can understand the need for clean toilets; especially when such events are attended by hundreds of participants. Hiring mobile event trailers ensure that needs of guests is taken care of. These trailers even come with an attendant who takes care of installation and service.
Luxury toilets
When weddings, balls or parties are organized, event hosts would want the toilets to be luxurious and ambient. The portable toilets hire would have luxurious ambience, with vast cabin space and large mirrors. Such designer carpeted washrooms with high-quality fittings are equipped with toilet rolls, hand towels, soaps.
Handling large events
The Portaloo hire needs for large events like sporting events, shows, festivals, agricultural and equestrian events need to be handled differently. Larger toilets would need to be arranged, as the number of people using the toilets would be more in number. Free-standing cubicles and maxim cubicles with hand wash facilities would be needed for such events.
Toilet for hire services
D&P luxury toilet hire Essex handles mobile toilet requirements for all types of events. A dedicated account manager handles the client’s requirements and ensures that a trained team of staff is deputed right from installation to service and de-rigging. D&P’s goal is to ensure that all mobile toilet needs are handled by them allowing the client to focus on other event aspects.
Range of mobile toilets for hire
D&P luxury toilets offer a range of mobile toilets from self-contained trailers to modular contemporary units and VIP trailers. Environment-friendly fresh water flush toilets are also available. These mobile toilet services are provided at highly competitive prices. D&P luxury toilet services are provided to the Home Counties and London.

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