Saturday, 8 July 2017

Get Modern Toilets for Hire for Parties and Other Occasions

If you are organizing a party or any other big event with many guests in attendance and are in the need for modern and portable luxury toilets for the guests, look no further and get the toilets on hire from professional companies dealing in many kinds of luxury toilets suited for all kinds of events. You can choose a particular type of toilet, according to various factors such as number of guests, guest requirements, etc.

You can get many kinds of luxury toilet hire from the companies. Some have been mentioned here.

Designer washrooms

A designer washroom or vip toilet on hire consists of toilet cubicles along with mirrors, vanity units, sofas and many other kinds of fittings to impart a five star feeling to the guests. The pumps, pipes, tanks, etc. are all fitted outside the toilet. These washrooms are highly appropriate for grand parties with VIP guests in attendance.

Toilet trailer

Toilet trailer is a good portable toilet hire for various events. Luxurious toilet trailers feature separate toilet spaces for men and women, large mirrors, raised sinks and vanity areas for men and women. There is no dearth of space in these toilets. Doors have been provided on either side of the toilet for easy and private access. The luxurious finish imparts a good aesthetic appeal to the toilet. Space is also provided for floral decorations.

Other kinds of toilet trailers are available with even more luxurious features such as high grade fittings, porcelain bathroom furniture, big mirrors in ladies and gents cabins, heaters, roof ventilation and down spotlights. The toilet trailers are available in a plethora of options such as carpeted, contemporary or classic and in various sizes to accommodate variable number of guests.

Toilets for disabled

You can now get disabled friendly mobile toilet hire for your disabled guests. Such a toilet features a hydraulic ramp or a long ramp at the rear so that a wheelchair bound person can be easily lifted from the floor level into the toilet. The toilet has all the standard facilities along with additional features such as appropriate handrails and alarm system to call anyone for assistance. A baby change room is also provided in this toilet for small children.

Installation and other services

An account manager is provided by the company for supervising the installation process at the venue. An attendant is also provided if requested by the customer. De-installation work is also completed under the supervision of the manager. 

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